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Every student needs something different. Because no journey is the same. That's why our resources are so broad, deep and connected. And that’s why we offer every helpful resource we can.

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Going Beyond the Scholarship.

In order to support a student in the biggest way possible, we’re working to offer a range of helpful, proven resources—including community partnerships, internship and mentoring opportunities and Emergency Grants that provide immediate funding to students right when they need it most.

“From the first meeting to discuss our needs, the Scholarship America team has been very knowledgeable, helpful, and solution oriented. We are able to successfully provide scholarships to Black midwifery students. You allow us to successfully carry out the equity work we are committed to in our community.”
Donyale Abe, Sacramento County Public Health

Support beyond the scholarship check makes a real difference for students.

55% of students with paid internships had a job offer by graduation.
60% of community college students are unaware of available support services.
88% of emergency grant recipients were able to stay in school the next semester.