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The Benefits of Working with Us.

Why partner with us? First off, we make the process incredibly easy. But it goes beyond simplicity alone.

We’ll Create a Scholarship that Embodies Your Mission.

No matter your organization’s industry or purpose, we can design a scholarship around it, and make a lifetime impact on students and their families. We approach scholarship solutions with your mission in mind.

We Know Students. And How to Find Them.

We work to understand the students you want to support. From program design to national marketing, we customize a strategy based on your desired impact.

There are Countless Administrative Ins and Outs to Consider.

We take care of them all, saving you time, so you can focus on the value of the program, not the rules and regulations. Our 175 employees have an average of 7 years of service — plus a passion for amplifying the impact.

No Scholarship is the Same.

We’ll customize your program to your needs and give it the flexibility to change and grow.

The Anatomy of a Scholarship

Offering a scholarship can be amazingly complex, but we provide a better, easier way — saving you hassles and headaches. Depending on what you need, our scholarship solutions include any or all of these parts and pieces.

“I have been so impressed with Scholarship America as an organization. This was my organization’s first time offering a scholarship program, and Scholarship America made the entire process seamless.”
Dana Jones, the Jones Group

Decades of experience. Global reach. Rave reviews from our partners.

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