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If You Believe in Students, We Should Talk.

We design scholarships for the students you want to help. Not just the top ten percent. Or those of a certain ethnicity. Or economic background. Or situation in life. We stand for inclusion and equity – for all students, all the time. If you’re wondering how to start a scholarship fund that makes an impact, look no further.

Let’s Make a Big Difference. Together.

Everything we do is hand-in-hand. Us with students. Students with you. Our organization with your organization. We believe that a shared commitment will always reach a greater good. And we’re all about making the process better—never settling for doing “just enough”.

Be Involved as Much as You Want.

There’s only one way to work with Scholarship America — as a team. We provide the facts you need to make smart, informed, empowered decisions. We manage resources smartly. We make evidence-based recommendations—and give you peace of mind throughout the process.

Brands You Know Turn to Us

We work directly with some of the best-known brands out there—helping them set up scholarship programs, support their own employees, and transform what’s possible for students across the nation.

“Scholarship America makes our selection process much easier! The ability for our students to complete one application and be considered for several funds is a time-saver for them.”
Bernice Uresti, San Antonia Area Foundation

Ready to Partner?

If you or your organization wants to support students, we want to be your go-to partner. Keep exploring to learn more.