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Meet the 2023 Dream Award Scholars

By Matt Konrad

Scholarship America, the nation’s largest scholarship provider, is proud to announce its 2023 class of Dream Award Scholars. Each of these students has used grit, drive and determination to overcome obstacles and begin their college careers—and all of them faced financial barriers to continuing their education.

With the support of the Scholarship America Dream Award, a renewable scholarship of up to $10,000 per year, this year’s Scholars will be able to stay on track, pursue their educational goals and complete their bachelor’s degrees without taking on crippling debt.

“Students like our Dream Award Scholars are why we do what we do,” says Scholarship America President & CEO Mike Nylund. “They bring so many skills, dreams and perspectives to the table, and we’re honored to help eliminate the financial barriers that stand in their way.” 

Since its founding in 2014, the Dream Award has helped more than 150 talented, determined students. We welcome the newest cohort of Dream Award Scholars for 2023:

Arleen Alcaraz-Cano
Computer Science, Barnard College         

Abdifatah Ali    
Mechanical Engineering, University of Cincinnati               

Ashley Bland
Finance, University of Southern California

Elicia Chatman 
Biology, University of Michigan 

Nubia Correa 
Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University      

Makayla Dawkins        
Public Health, University of Connecticut

Sydney Do
Psychological Science, University of California–Los Angeles          

Regina Fletcher
Chemical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University

Bethany Hampton    
Software Engineering, University of Minnesota–Crookston          

Levi Hancock     
Physics, Brigham Young University          

Monica Hicks    
Computer Science, Stanford University 

Molly Latham   
Pre-Occupational Therapy, Mississippi College   

Aja Leatherwood        
Communication Science, Case Western Reserve University          

Lilian Meienburg           
Communications/Marketing, Ohio State University

Levi Miedema  
Biology & Spanish, Wheaton College      

Jake Neill           
Biochemistry, Abilene Christian University           

Tran Nguyen     
Biological Sciences, University of California–Irvine

Aubrey Stromberg         
Pre-Pharmacy, Chadron State College    

We congratulate each and every one of the 2023 Dream Award Scholars, and we’re proud to welcome them to the Scholarship America family. Watch and our social channels throughout the year to learn more about their amazing stories.

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