Scholarship Management Services

Our dedicated scholarship managers and administrators give you back your time while providing excellent service.

Offering a scholarship program can benefit your company, your workforce and your community -- but there are plenty of administrative ins and outs to consider. Scholarship America offers dedicated specialists to take care of the necessary policies, regulations, procedures and more, so you can focus on your core business.

Administering scholarship programs for all types of clients

Almost anyone can sponsor a scholarship program. Our clients include companies, membership organizations, private foundations, community foundations, associations, unions, trusts and individuals. We work with all types and sizes of organizations, offering our services to very small companies who simply do not have the infrastructure to administer education assistance programs, and to very large companies who have discovered the value of using outside experts. Anyone can make a difference; we’re here to amplify your impact.

  • 98 percent of our clients rate our service as good or excellent
  • Our programs reach students in over 100 countries
  • Our 175 employees have an average of 7 years of service
  • 55 percent of employers in the US offer undergraduate educational assistance*

*Source: 2016 Employee Benefits: A research report by SHRM

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Step 1: Scholarship Program Setup

We work with you to plan your program based on your objectives – from creating application materials to promoting your scholarship program.

Step 2: Custom Program Design

We design and implement your application materials. We offer electronic applications and provide a program website branded with your company’s identity.

Step 3: Application Process

We take care of the process for you, from creating, receiving, processing and screening all scholarship applications, and checking for eligibility or missing information.

Step 4: Selection and Award Notification

As a neutral party, we objectively choose recipients according to your program criteria. After receiving approval from you, we notify recipients and manage all the details including award disbursement, providing customer service to both you and the recipients.

Step 5: Yearly Renewals

Offering renewal awards helps see students through from start to finish. We inform students of criteria needed to receive a renewal and provide any customer service needed to them.

Step 6: Success Tracking

We track data for you to determine the success of your scholarship program. We send you custom reports with the exact stats you need to help keep you informed.

Costs and timelines for managing scholarships

Scholarship America offers free consultations. One of our experienced representatives will consult with you about your program goals and answer your scholarship questions at no cost to you.

We recognize you have unique goals for your scholarship program and we will work with you to create your customized program design. The management fee is determined when your program design is established, so you pay only for the services you need.

The total implementation time of a scholarship program is dependent on the criteria required to manage the program. Once the program details are finalized and approved by an organization, the implementation time is generally 4-12 weeks.

Custom, sustainable scholarship programs in the U.S. and around the world

Our dedicated scholarship managers and administrators give you back your time while providing excellent service. They work to customize your program to your needs, giving you the flexibility to change and grow your program for years to come.

Wherever your company extends, we have the resources to manage your program. You’ll reach students from around the world and bring opportunity to those aspiring for more.