What We Do For Higher Education Policy

With nearly 60 years of experience in providing and shaping impactful educational supports to students, Scholarship America works to connect the private sector with education policymakers. Our goal is to engage diverse groups of stakeholders in support of programs and policies that advance equity in postsecondary education.

Led by our Washington, DC office, Scholarship America is engaged in ongoing research and dialogue on issues such as financial aid award displacement, college costs, student debt, tax benefits, public-private partnerships, and college access, persistence and completion. This research informs our public policy agenda, which includes three main priorities:

  • Expanding partnerships between the public and private sectors to build capacity and additional supports for students
  • Ensuring a robust financial aid system that works for students by maximizing and bolstering federal and state financial aid, with the private sector contributing and leveraging support for students who need it most
  • Requiring institutional transparency, minimum standards and outcomes from all postsecondary institutions to ensure that institutions are serving students well and producing outcomes that advance student success

Scholarship America is the only partner working directly with communities, businesses and foundations that has significant experience and expertise in providing and shaping impactful educational support programs for those in need. Get in touch to find out more about empowering students and families to achieve their postsecondary education dreams.