What We Do For Colleges

Scholarship America is committed to working with universities, community colleges, career and technical schools and all kinds of postsecondary institutions to ensure more degrees for more students.

Collegiate Partners® and the Tuition Reduction Network: Making The Most of Awards

Collegiate Partners are a nationwide network of colleges, universities and other accredited postsecondary institutions that partner with Scholarship America to demonstrate their commitment to private-sector student aid. These institutions agree that Scholarship America awards, including those from our Dollars for Scholars chapters, will be used to fill unmet student need remaining after their financial aid package has been calculated. When unmet need no longer exists, Collegiate Partners agree to use Scholarship America funds to adjust the self-help portion of students’ financial aid package, with student loans reduced before work-study.

Many of these schools are also Matching Collegiate Partners, who agree to match (in part or in total) the scholarship awards coming to their campuses from Dollars for Scholars and/or other Scholarship America-managed programs. For talented students, the fair treatment of scholarship funds is a powerful recruiting advantage — and matching funds are even more compelling. In the 2015-2016 school year, over 17,000 students attended Collegiate Partner institutions, bringing over $31.2 million in scholarship awards.

Learn more about Collegiate Partners and download the 2019 Collegiate Partners Directory here. Search for Collegiate Partners here.

Scholarship America’s Tuition Reduction Network is made up of accredited partner schools that offer discounted tuition, fee waivers and other benefits to employees of Scholarship America’s corporate clients (and, in many cases, their family members). View the list of participating schools here. If your school is interested in learning more about these strategic partnerships, contact us.

Emergency Financial Assistance: Keeping students in school.

Founded in 2005 as Dreamkeepers, Scholarship America’s emergency financial assistance program has grown into a national retention and capacity building program for participating colleges and other partners. The concept is simple: provide emergency grants to students faced with unexpected financial setbacks that threaten to derail their education.

Through grants ranging from $100 to $1,000, the program empowers students to overcome financial emergencies. It also connects students to other support systems within their colleges, and provides financial literacy resources to help teach critical financial management skills and techniques.

Scholarship America works with each partner college to create a custom solution that works for the unique challenges faced by students on their campus. If you’re interested in the ways emergency assistance can help your college retain students, learn more here or complete our Dreamkeepers Readiness Assessment to see where your school stands today.