Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars | Why Affiliation Works

Dollars for Scholars makes a hometown impact.

Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars, the largest nationwide grassroots scholarship program, distributes nearly 17,000 scholarships each year by harnessing the power of community — hundreds of local organizations, and thousands of volunteers and donors supporting local students with financial aid and other supports.

Private scholarships from Dollars for Scholars chapters help promising students with financial need complete their education by filling the gaps in funding from other sources, reducing the level of debt and hours needed to work while attending school, allowing students to attend the post-secondary institution of their choice, and providing the incentive and encouragement to achieve their academic goals.

What Scholarship America Provides

Scholarship America is committed to supporting the development and sustainability of our Dollars for Scholars chapters by operating and/or providing:

  • 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable status and IRS tax filing
  • Online scholarship application and management
  • Customizable website with online donation and sponsorship capabilities
  • Resource Center with best practice guides, tips and templates
  • Trademark protection
  • Promotional items
  • Monthly inTouch e-newsletter
  • Collegiate Partners affiliation
  • Chapter/Volunteer Recognition Awards
  • National Matching Grant Program and other funding opportunities
  • In-Person and web-based networking and training
  • Personalized, expert consultation
  • Visibility and public awareness through a respected brand and national policy work

The wide array of specific affiliation benefits continues to grow based on the needs of students and our affiliates. Download this PDF overview to learn more about the current list of benefits and values for Dollars for Scholars chapters.

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