Thank you!

Dear Donor:

Village School Head of School Gabriella HoweI want to express my personal appreciation for your recent gift to The Village School Scholarship Fund.  The active support of families, friends, and alumni helps us continue our tradition of excellence and to look forward to a bright future.

The Village School Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to families who otherwise would not be able to attend Village.  The Fund is entirely supported by your generosity and commitment to one another; without your support, the diversity of our community could not continue to be what it is today.

We are grateful for your generosity, your trust and most importantly, your commitment to our mission.  On behalf of the entire Village School Community, thank you for your generous support.

Gabriella Rowe
Head of School


Scholarship America is proud to administer the Village School Scholarship Program. We invite you to learn more about our work, or return to the Village School website.