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Visa Dispute Resolution Professional Certification Scholarship

Dispute resolution professionals play a critical role in the payments industry—and if you’re interested in a career in the financial services industry, a job as a dispute resolution professional is a great place to start. 

To help develop this important part of the financial-services workforce, Visa is offering scholarships for up to 500 people to participate in the Visa Dispute Resolution Professional Certification Program. If you’re 18 or older, you live in the United States and you are not currently working in the financial industry, you could earn a scholarship that covers the cost of your professional certification! 

Applications for this scholarship are reviewed on a rolling, ongoing basis, with new scholarships awarded monthly. Recipients have until September 2023 to enroll in scheduled online classes and complete Intermediate and Advanced Dispute Resolution exams. The normal path to certification is to take the self-paced prep course followed by the one-week instructor-led class, get some work experience, then take the intermediate coursework (including a second one-week instructor-led course), and then take the exam. (Depending on your work and life schedules, this can take 12-18 months in total.)  

Earning your Dispute Resolution Professional Certification is a major accomplishment and a great first step in a new career as a payments professional. In addition to covering your courses and exams, scholarship recipients will get supplemental training to help prepare for the certification exams. You’ll also be notified of continuing education opportunities including webinars, newsletters and more.