Scholar Story: Viviana
St. Paul, MN

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Viviana was working at a daycare, managing to cover her daily expenses while attending Inver Hills Community College and studying public relations and advertising, with the dream of one day working in television. Then her employer decreased Viviana’s hours without warning, leaving her with bills she couldn’t cover. Because her college is involved in Scholarship America’s Dreamkeepers program, Viviana was able to apply for emergency funding to cover $340 in car insurance and phone bills.


“Without the funding, I wouldn’t have been able to take my car to school, and I wouldn’t have continued with my classes. I was feeling so down and sad and frustrated,” said Viviana.

Viviana grew up in Mexico and moved to the U.S. three years ago after learning she was born here. “My mother was not able to finish elementary school, but she had a love of learning that she passed on to me. The level of education is so much better here and you have a lot of opportunities for school, volunteer activities, work, and things like that,” said Viviana.

Viviana added, “It is important to me to have an education, so I can support myself and provide my family with a better life.”

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