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St. John, IN

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Megan Durochik was only six years old when she began volunteering for her local Dollars for Scholars chapter in Indiana. Her mother, Betty, was an active volunteer and eventually went on to become president of Lake Central Dollars for Scholars.

MeganWorking side by side, mother and daughter would fold scholarship applications, stamp and stuff envelopes, and attend chapter meetings together. As she got older, Megan began participating in the chapter fundraising events, such as selling baked goods at the annual muffin sale and helping to organize the rummage sale. Participating in Dollars for Scholars taught Megan the value of volunteering for something you believe in, as well as the importance of scholarships for students who want to achieve their dream of going to college.

But it wasn’t just Dollars for Scholars that helped shape the person Megan is today. Longtime family friend Courtney Crozier also served as a major inspiration for Megan. Courtney had struggled with obesity since she was a child and endured many stereotypes and faced many obstacles throughout her life. But her outgoing personality and drive to succeed helped her face this challenge head-on. Determined to change her lifestyle and get her weight under control, Courtney auditioned to be a contestant on the show, The Biggest Loser. After auditioning for the show four times, Courtney was finally invited to participate. With the help of The Biggest Loser, Courtney has lost a total of 232 pounds so far. She has inspired others around her to lead healthier lifestyles through her new mentoring program, and is also opening up her own yogurt shop, which will feature low-fat, low-sugar frozen yogurt.

“Courtney is such an inspiration to me because of her character, positive mental attitude, and selflessness. She has an astounding passion in paying it forward to accomplish something she strongly believes in. When I think of Courtney and all she has accomplished for herself, I say to myself, ‘Never give up, never back down,’ because dreams do come true,” Megan said.

Courtney was such an inspiration to Megan that she chose to nominate her as an Indiana Hoosier Hero. The annual scholarship program, sponsored by Indiana Dollars for Scholars, gives Indiana students an opportunity to apply for one of ten $2,000 scholarships. High school juniors or seniors are invited to write an essay about living Indiana residents who serve as an inspiration to them and others. The “heroes” also receive a $2,000 scholarship to designate to the Indiana high school of their choice.

Megan and Courtney were both thrilled when they found out the essay was chosen and Courtney would officially become an Indiana Hoosier Hero.

megan and courtney
Dollars for Scholars lifelong volunteer and scholarship recipient,
Megan Durochik, with Hoosier Hero, Courtney Crozier

“It’s really touching to receive this scholarship. Courtney was so proud of me and happy that she won, too. We were both thrilled. Words can’t even describe it,” Megan said.

Megan’s mother, Betty, was equally appreciative, especially after all the years she and her daughter spent working together as Dollars for Scholars volunteers.

“For my daughter to be a [Dollars for Scholars scholarship] recipient…is very touching to us. Our family has gladly donated hundreds of hours of time over 10-plus years to help many other students receive scholarships. Now to be fortunate to be on the receiving end is a true blessing. As a parent, I would like to say thank you for caring about our children and helping them to achieve their dreams. Tomorrow is here. Their education will carry them beyond tomorrow and for that I am truly thankful.”

(Visit to read Megan's winning essay!)

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