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Tuition Assistance Programs Give Your Employees the Priceless Benefit of Education.

The Program You Pick Matters. So Does the Partner.

On top of everything else your business has to manage, track and optimize, managing a Tuition Assistance Program is enough to make your HR team’s head spin. That’s where we come in.

At Scholarship America, we get to know your company and what it stands for. Then, instead of giving you an off-the-shelf solution, we design and manage a custom Tuition Assistance Program that integrates with your talent management strategy and helps your business:

– Attract and retain great employees
– Promote advancement within your company
– Increase workplace engagement and culture

As a mission-driven, nonprofit organization, we’re dedicated to lowering the cost of college for all students, including your amazing employees. So let’s do that—together.

What You Get from Our Customized Program.

Powerful Customized Workflows
Spend more time focused on your people and less time focused on paperwork. We make approvals—including multi-level approval—easier than ever. Just review your employees’ reimbursement submissions for courses and fees, and we’ll ensure they’ve provided all the required documentation. With your approval, payroll handles the rest.

Robust Reporting Features
Our Tuition Assistance Platform, powered by EdFlo®, delivers the customized reporting you need. By reviewing top-level data or drilling deeper, your company can track current budgets, see what percentage of employees are using the benefit and make informed decisions to improve the program.

Automated Notifications
You’ll stay on top of pending tasks, status updates and payment information—and your employees will stay in the know and up to date, so they’re never in the dark and feel like they’re part of the process. It builds more than awareness. It builds trust.

Additional Support for Affordable Education
Because we are 100% committed to helping your employees succeed, we also offer another resource that can help. Our Tuition Reduction Network exists solely to make the costs of college lower for employees of Scholarship America partners. Learn more.

“I have been so impressed with Scholarship America as an organization. This was my organization’s first time offering a scholarship program, and Scholarship America made the entire process seamless.”
Dana Jones, the Jones Group

Tuition assistance is key to recruiting and retaining a great workforce.

50% of U.S. employers provide education assistance
81% of employees are more likely to stay at their organizations
6 in 10 millennials prefer professional development to pay raises