Scholarship America Forges Alliance with TuitionHelp To Expand Corporate Tuition-Assistance Services

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15 MAY 2013
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Scholarship America®, the nation’s largest scholarship services provider, and TuitionHelp®, a unique tuition-reimbursement benefit that reduces employees’ and corporations’ college costs, today announce a new collaboration to improve tuition-assistance benefits.

“TuitionHelp broadens our education-assistance services by helping our clients’ employees secure as much financial aid as possible and identify affordable colleges,” said Greg Dehn, senior vice president of Scholarship America and general manager of Scholarship Management Services. “Our combined services enable employees and companies to better cope with the challenge of rising postsecondary education costs.”

Breaking new ground, TuitionHelp significantly improves employees’ opportunity for advancement through more education. Its student aid advisors help employees accurately prepare the federal student aid application (FAFSA) to maximize their financial aid awards. Besides one-on-one telephone consultation, TuitionHelp’s co-branded services feature the personalized College Cost & Planning Report®, which estimates and compares student aid and costs at colleges of choice, as well as a variety of other college-planning resources and utilities for undergraduates.

“When employees gain greater insight and access to financial aid, they make smarter education decisions and pursue learning that can lead to greater job opportunities,” said Karen Shernan, TuitionHelp’s vice president. “Besides improving employees’ education benefits, experience shows our services make corporate education benefits less expensive and more efficient.”

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About Scholarship Management Services®

Scholarship Management Services®, a division of Scholarship America, is the leading scholarship services provider in the country, helping corporations, foundations and individuals design and administer scholarship and related educational assistance programs. Scholarship America mobilizes support for students getting into and graduating from college. Since 1958, Scholarship America has distributed more than $2.9 billion in scholarship assistance to more than 1.9 million students, funding both entry-level and multi-year scholarships and emergency financial grants.

About TuitionHelp®

TuitionHelp® personally assists employees in becoming eligible for the most financial aid possible and identifying affordable colleges. By making education assistance a competitive benefit without adding staff, TuitionHelp enables Fortune® 500 companies to reach or exceed recruitment, retention and workforce skill-building goals.

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