Help Scholarship America Win $100,000 In the Cares Contest!

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26 Jan 2012
Is Digg defining a new direction for the curation economy? And could the new site help us cope with information overload?

Vote for Scholarship America every day through February 13—and Watch, Shazam and share the Super Bowl ad to help raise up to $100,000 for the nonprofit with the most votes

Scholarship America is one of seven charities that have been selected by to participate in the Cars Cares corporate giving initiative. Like our fellow competitors, Scholarship America was chosen by for our work to instill confidence in children and young adults -- and, as a result of our participation we have a chance to receive up to $100,000!

To receive the grand prize, we need to gather more votes than the other participating charities -- and there are three easy ways that you can help.

Visit the Facebook page and vote for Scholarship America as your charity of choice. You can vote once a day, every day, from now through February 13.

By sharing your vote on Facebook and asking your friends to vote, you can ensure even more votes for Scholarship America. Every time you click "share" to spread the word, an additional $1.00 gets added to the final donation!

If you’re watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5, you can use the free Shazam app (see below) on your smartphone to tag the commercial that will air in the second quarter. Each tag adds $1.00 to the pool that the winning charity receives, and you’ll get to go make your daily vote after tagging. (You can also tag the commercial if you watch on Facebook!)

Scholarship America believes that every student in the country deserves the chance to go to college -- and to graduate. A $100,000 donation would allow us to help hundreds more students get through college with less debt. So help us win the top prize: vote, share, and Shazam!

How to Shazam
Shazam is a free app for your smartphone that can "listen" to your TV or radio. For the Super Bowl commercial, all you need to do is download the Shazam app (you can do that right here) and open it when you see the commercial in the 2nd quarter.

Tap the "Shazam" button and it will listen to the commercial -- and $1.00 will automatically be added to the Cars Cares donation pool. You'll also be directed to the Facebook page, where you can vote for Scholarship America. It's just that easy!

Janine Fugate, Scholarship America

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About Scholarship America
Scholarship America is a national education service organization that mobilizes support for students getting into and graduating from college. Scholarship America has distributed more than $2.5 billion in scholarship assistance to more than 1.7 million students over the last 50 years. Scholarship America’s programs, which include Dollars for Scholars®, help fund both entry-level and multi-year scholarships, as well as emergency financial grants. More information is available at

The Dream Award

Dream Award Scholarship America’s Dream Award is a renewable scholarship fund targeted toward completion. These annually-increasing awards will be given to students selected from across the nation who are entering their second year of education beyond high school.

Success By Degrees

Scholarship America's blog, Success By Degrees, covers items of interest to parents, volunteers, educators and anyone interested in the big issues surrounding education, financial aid and postsecondary success. You'll find policy announcements, news releases and more, every week!

Your Gift Is Crucial

Nearly 1/4 of the U.S. population owes a collective $700 billion in student loan debt. We are committed to helping more students graduate from college with less debt. A gift of just $1 a day -- for a week, for a month, or for a year -- can help ensure that students are able to achieve their goals.

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