Dreams to Success | Scholarship America - Coming May 7, 2020

Dreams to Success

Join us online for the sixth annual Dreams to Success fundraiser!

This year, we’re turning the 2020 Dream to Success event into an online Day of Giving—and putting the health and safety of people first.

This provides a unique opportunity for anyone who’s passionate about supporting students to engage and participate in a unique way. It’s a chance for them to witness our mission from anywhere—and hear inspiring stories of the students we’re helping.

Let’s show these students that we’re here for them. That we’ll support them. And that even during tough times, there’s a community of supporters working hard to keep their dream alive.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors

“That’s why I do it—I believe in people. Work together. We will have a better world.”
Dr. Irving A. Fradkin, Founder, Scholarship America

Help us engage new supporters and make our online Day of Giving a success. 

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