Scholarship America National Disaster Relief Fund

Helping students stay in college when disaster strikes.

Post-disaster financial aid helps low-income students stay on track for their college education. To help ensure those students can stay in school, Scholarship America’s National Disaster Relief Fund is donating $200,000 to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We are also raising funds to ensure that the Fund can help students impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria — and by future natural disasters.

“We’ve seen the catastrophic impact of natural disasters on students who were already struggling to pay for their college education.  The risk of dropping out altogether escalates exponentially when a natural disaster like a hurricane strikes their school or family,” said Robert C. Ballard, president and CEO of Scholarship America.  “Our goal, to the greatest extent possible, is to help ensure students are not forced to drop out or interrupt their education because of financial hardships created by this disaster.”

Schools in affected areas of Texas and Louisiana can now apply for Scholarship America National Disaster Relief Fund grants by going to  Applications will be accepted as long as funds are available or through October 31. To help replenish the National Disaster Relief Fund so we can help more students in other affected areas, please visit and select “National Disaster Relief Fund” from the menu.


Your support helps students now -- and ensures that the National Disaster Relief Fund will be in place and ready to help whenever and wherever the next disaster strikes.

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Grants for Schools

Eligible postsecondary institutions in Texas and Louisiana can apply through October 31 for National Disaster Relief Fund grants, to be used to help students on their campuses.

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About The Fund

Scholarship America is giving $200,000 to help college students affected by Hurricane Harvey. With your help, we can extend the fund to more students in the future.

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