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Jefferson Society Leadership Giving Circle

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Individual Donors
President’s Circle ($100,000+)
Anonymous (2)

Governor’s Circle ($50,000+)
Stephen B. and Mary Smith

Ambassador’s Circle ($25,000+)
Joseph M. Hinchey, Esq.*

Director’s Circle ($15,000+)
J. Barry and Michele Griswell
Renée Hecht
Fred E. Kassner Family Foundation
Roger C. Lienhardt*
Michael D. and Rosemary Ryan
Venkatasathyam and Sahaja Yanamandram

Leader’s Circle ($10,000+)
Robert C. and Mary Ellen Ballard
The Head Family Charitable Foundation
Caroline and John J. Langan
Tina Lee
H. W. Lurton
Vincent J. and Domenica Ragusa
Richard Schwab and Katherine Burford
Suzanne Chapman Wright Family Foundation

Educator’s Circle ($5,000+)
Anonymous (6)
Joan Bernard
Martin and Mary L. Boyer Foundation
Greg Dehn
Judith T. Drake
Donald D. Elg
Allen F. Jacobson*
Marsha Klein
George S. and Rona L. Leyman
Longfield Family Charitable Fund
Karen A. and James A. Mehigan
Scott and Michelle Peyree
James P. Pierre
Joseph D. Ratterman
Lauren Segal and Richard Grigos
Anne Sluhan
Stronge Family Foundation
Thomas E. Terry
John M. and Joan F. Thalheimer
Family Charitable Foundation
Thomas N. Trkla
Susan G. Weinberger

Founder’s Circle ($1,000+)
Anonymous (24)
Kenneth and Katherine Adler
Judith Allen and August Ferretti
Dianne Anderson
Scott A. and Andrea B. Austin
Julia Bakelaar Charitable Trust
Michael and Yeelong Balladon
Mark W. and Janet A. Bates
Joan L. Baxter
Mary L. and John J. Beck
Michael H. and Melisa Berkenblit
David G. Bobey
Bonide Foundation Inc.
The Brandt Revocable Living Trust
Anne L. Cheney
Spring Ciccarello
The Clayton Family Foundation
Laura and Kevin Colebank
Cornelius J. Coakley Family Foundation, Inc.
Melisa Degen
Candace Dekkert
Sam Espinosa
Draydor Foundation
Benjamin Druss and Michele Fahey
Dianne L. Eberlein
Jennifer Findley
Timothy Firestone
Mark Fisher
Virginia Gaige
The Glover Family Charitable Foundation
John P. and Gay N. Greer
Crystal Hall
Tracy Hampton
Meyer and Raena Hammerman Foundation
Bryan Hankins
John A. and Lynne A. Harris
Michael and Lori Harris
Richard L. Harris
Paul Hellman Foundation
Alan and Terry L. Hershey
Eric Hirsch
Florence and Gordon Holland Family Foundation

Founder’s Circle continued
Laura J. Hunter
Ken and Rachel Jacobsen
Michael John
H. Stuart and Mrs. Marlys* Johnson
Marilyn J. Johnson
Ralph B. Jones
Arlindo and Evelyn Jorge Family Trust
Steven and Teresa Kingsley
Terrance L. Kraling
Barbara M. Kuzdzol
Mimi Daly Larson
The Richard H. and Anita Q. Lawe Foundation
Benjamin Levy
Jeffrey Liu
Kevin and Heather Luu
Philip J. and Carol Lyons
Gregory J. Macri
Kristine Madsen
Kevin M. and Orlee Mailender
Kay M. Marquet
Mattlin Foundation
Edward McCarthy
Phyllis McGrath and Patrick Sheehan
Daniel F. Mills
Susan and Bowen Morris
James A. and Shirley V. Mulligan
Alan and Melinda Naye
Nordemann Foundation, Inc.
Jeffrey Olgin
Linda Pines
Karen and Matthew Powell
Steve and Joan Putnam
Chandra Ramamoorthy
Laura Rheintgen
William B. and Sharon K. Richardson
Rhianna Quinn Roddy
Michael J. and Linda Ryder
Ruth Saxey
Sam Schneider
Muriel F. and John Schreck
Victoria Schwartz
Seema Shah
Danny Shively
Sandra H. Showalter
Steven D. and Malerie Singer
Stewart Oakley Charity
Mitch Stuart
Nathan Tannenbaum Foundation, Inc.
John and Jane Terlesky
Ian Todd
Sharen and Charles Turney
Dawn Viveash
The Walters Family Fund
Philip J. and Irmhild G. Webster
The James and Raylene Wilborn
Charitable Fund
Scott R. and Donna Williamson
Woodward Family Foundation
Endowment Fund
Jeffrey Wu
Ryan and Deborah P. Wubben

Corporate and Foundation Donors
Corporate President’s Circle ($100,000+)
Anonymous (2)
Biogen Legacy Fund
Otto Bremer Foundation
Citi Foundation
Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation
Herman Miller Foundation
The Kresge Foundation

Corporate Governor’s Circle ($50,000 )
AXA Foundation
Scottish Rite Foundation
World Journal

Corporate Ambassador’s Circle ($25,000+)
Capital Group Companies, Inc.
MCI California Scholarship Program
USA Funds

Corporate Director’s Circle ($15,000+)
Joseph Drown Foundation
J.C. Penney Corporation
Nicor Gas, a subsidiary of AGL Resources

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