Marketing Partnerships

Scholarship America Marketing Partnerships

A marketing partnership with Scholarship America helps you build your brand and meet your corporate citizenship or philanthropic goals, while also helping you reach a broader online and offline audience — all in support of affordable higher education. No matter how you decide to structure your partnership, it’s a win-win for your brand and for college students.


Specifically, Scholarship America offers three levels of marketing partnership: Mission Partnership, Awareness Partnership and Cause Marketing Partnership. At each level, you’ll have the ability to highlight your promotions, products and socially responsible initiatives by tapping into the compelling issue of college affordability, the broad national and local reach of upwardly mobile consumers, and the powerful reputation of Scholarship America.

Mission Partnership

Scholarship America’s Mission Partners are our top sponsors. Mission Partners commit to a multi-year partnership that showcases your company’s involvement with, and support of, Scholarship America’s mission – driving awareness of the Scholarship America brand and programs and increasing the goodwill of your company’s brand with your audiences.

Each Mission Partner package is customized to the objectives of your company, usually focused on a central message that your organization wants to leverage. Scholarship America will work closely with its Mission Partners to develop messaging and content that will be shared in the market place.

Awareness Partnership

Awareness Partners have the opportunity to utilize a Scholarship America promotional campaign to drive awareness of Scholarship America and its mission. Campaigns can be created by the Awareness Partner, co-created with Scholarship America or tied to an existing Scholarship America program/area.

Cause Marketing Partnership

Cause Marketing Partnerships allow your company to conduct a sales promotion, whereby donations to Scholarship America are triggered by product sales or other consumer activity. While cause marketing fees are based on sales or royalties, Scholarship America’s cause marketing partners agree to a minimum fundraising guarantee of $50,000.

Partnerships are customized to meet your organization’s specific business goals. A full list of general rights and benefits are available upon request — just contact us online or call 800-537-4180. Not quite what you’re looking for? Check out the other ways you can partner with Scholarship America.