Fundraisers On Our Behalf

Supporting Scholarship America With A Fundraiser

If you’re interested in creating a fundraising event to raise money for Scholarship America’s mission, we’d love to help!

To assure that your fundraising event/campaign is successful — and complies with Scholarship America’s brand and legal requirements — we expect that you or your organization:

  • Have been in business a minimum of one year, and can demonstrate a high degree of integrity, a strong corporate reputation and a commitment to maintaining a high level of product/service quality.
  • Provide full disclosure language to the consumer regarding the benefit to Scholarship America when donations are raised through a consumer purchase on all packaging, advertising and promotional materials in clear and unambiguous terms (e.g., fundraising cap and/or minimum).
  • Guarantee a minimum donation of $10,000 per year.
  • Follow Scholarship America branding and graphic standards when using the Scholarship America name or logo.
  • Only use the Scholarship America name or logo within the geographic area that is stated in a written agreement (e.g., local usage vs. national usage).
  • Recognize Scholarship America as a “Charity Beneficiary” in all related promotional materials.
  • Prepare and sign a formal letter of agreement on company/business letterhead.
  • Submit fundraising event/campaign proposal to Scholarship America at a minimum of 30 days prior to event/campaign being hosted.

If you are interested in organizing a fundraiser in support of Scholarship America, contact us to learn more and get started. You can contact us online or call 800-537-4180 to get in touch!