Collegiate Partners®

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We want Dollars for Scholars and Scholarship America scholarship recipients to make the most of their awards dollars, so we teamed up with colleges around the United States to form our Collegiate Partners ® network.

What are Collegiate Partners®?

We founded the Collegiate Partners ® program to protect students from displacement — what happens when students earn private scholarships and find their financial aid packages from their schools reduced.

Our network of more than 270 schools make the following commitments relating to undergraduate students:

  • Dollars for Scholars scholarships and other Scholarship America-managed corporate scholarships will be used to fill any unmet student need remaining after the institution’s financial aid package has been calculated.
  • When unmet need no longer exists, our scholarships will be used to adjust the self-help portion of students’ financial aid package, with student loans reduced before work-study.
  • When unmet need and self-help have been eliminated and an over-award remains, the treatment of our scholarships may be applied to the student’s financial aid budget at the school’s discretion. We encourage each school to consider alternatives to displacing institutional need-based grant aid in the event of an over-award, such as supporting the purchase of a computer or reducing health care expenses and other viable options, including deferring the award to a later year.
  • Collegiate Partners ® also provide additional support in many ways. For example, Collegiate Partners ® may:
    • Match (in part or in total) the scholarship awards coming to their campuses from Dollars for Scholars and/or Scholarship America-managed corporate programs. Matching award policies vary among colleges in the amount of the match per award and the total dollars budgeted each year, and are reflected in the school’s directory listing.
    • Provide speakers for Dollars for Scholars workshops
    • Host Dollars for Scholars events on their campuses
    • Support efforts and provide leadership to organize local Dollars for Scholars.


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