Collegiate Partner Attendees Your school is a Scholarship America Collegiate Partner.

Here's how to make the most of your award.

About Collegiate Partners

Your sponsored award is administered by Scholarship America. Our network of Collegiate Partners are a group of colleges around the nation that agree to help you get the most out of your award. Please read this notice carefully.

Getting the Maximum Benefit From Your Award

The school named in your award notification letter is a Scholarship America Collegiate Partner institution. Collegiate Partners are colleges, universities, and other accredited institutions that have demonstrated their commitment to the development of private sector student aid.

All Collegiate Partner institutions have made commitments that Scholarship America-related scholarships will be used first to fill any unmet need remaining after the institution’s financial aid package has been calculated.

When unmet need no longer exists, Scholarship America-related scholarships of up to $2,500 will be applied to the “self-help” portion of a student’s financial aid package. Scholarship America prefers that loans be reduced before work study grants.

When need is fully met, treatment of the portion of Scholarship America-related scholarships that exceeds $2,500 will be at the institution’s discretion.


  • Print this page and present it to your school with your notification letter.
  • If you change schools, you must notify Scholarship America using the contact information in your notification letter. Please review the complete directory of Collegiate Partner schools to determine if your new school is a Collegiate Partner.