Meet Asgton Stephenson: 2016 National Student Volunteer of the Year

Growing up in a military family, Asgton Stephenson was never prone to sitting still. Just a year after she was born in New Mexico, Asgton’s entire family relocated to Guam. It was on this small island territory in the Pacific that she got her first taste of volunteer work: besides an accomplished career in the […]

Boost Employee Retention: Assess Your Education Assistance Program

As the American economy continues to return to pre-Great Recession levels, employers across the nation are slowly shifting their focus to retention. In this post, originally published in late 2015, we looked at how job satisfaction (and employee retention) can be improved by offering education assistance. Here’s what HR and benefits managers need to know.

Student Needs Are Changing. Should Your Scholarship Program?

Update, October 2016: New demographic information shows a continuing trend. More and more college students are older, members of the workforce and returning to education after time off. If you manage a scholarship program, here’s what to know to ensure you’re serving the most learners! The face of the “typical” college student is changing. Their […]

Why “Higher Education” Means More Than Just Four-Year College

This week, President Obama announced some extremely encouraging news: in 2016, the high school graduation rate in the United States hit another record high, with more than 83 percent of students earning diplomas. That graduation rate means more than 2 million students entered the world of higher education this year. But it doesn’t mean that […]

Scholarship America Now Accepting Applications for 2017 Dream Award Season

Scholarship America, Inc., the nation’s largest nonprofit scholarship and education support organization, is pleased to announce that it is accepting applications for the 2017 Scholarship America Dream Award now through Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016. Now in its fourth year, the Dream Award is Scholarship America’s unique renewable scholarship program for financially needy students who have […]

Why Scholarships Matter: Helping Communities and Families

The only constant in the world of higher-education financing is change. In the early 2000s, college students — especially those at public universities — could rely on generous state and institutional aid to keep their out-of-pocket costs low. As that state aid faced cuts in the last decades, scholarships and grants became the single biggest […]

Should Your Scholarship Application Be On Paper — Or Online?

Update: October 2016. For scholarship providers, now is the time to think about moving paper applications online to reach more students — and offer more options. Here’s our original guide to how to do so. In our ebook, 10 Secrets To A Great Scholarship Program, one of the key items that our experts focus on […]

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The First Lady Wants to Help YOU Go to College

Right now, you should text “COLLEGE” to 44044. Here’s why. Fall is coming, and if you’re a senior in high school, you’re probably starting to wonder how you’ll navigate the crazy maze of application deadlines and financial aid forms when it’s time to apply to college. First Lady Michelle Obama has launched a totally free […]

National Affiliate of the Year Burlington Edison Dollars for Scholars

2016 Dollars for Scholars Affiliate Award Winners Announced

With back-to-school season underway, students and families are heading in to another exciting academic year. Teachers and other mentors – including the nationwide network of nearly 500 Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars affiliates – are also getting ready for another year of supporting students. This all-in endeavor to help students reach their fullest potential is […]

Why Companies Are Paying Employee Student Loans

At more than $1.2 trillion, national student loan debt is second only to mortgage debt. Increases in college cost, coupled with states’ disinvestment in higher education, have made student loans a massive burden on graduates. These debts weigh especially heavy on Millennials, impeding their financial ability to buy homes, pursue advanced degrees, contribute to their […]