Scholarship America, Wells Fargo Invite Veterans To Apply For Veteran Scholarships, Emergency Grants

48 scholarships and 84 emergency grants awarded since 2016 to veterans and spouses of veterans with disabilities Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) and Scholarship America announced they are accepting applications for the 2018 Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship and Wells Fargo Veterans Emergency Grant Programs. In 2016, Wells Fargo committed $2 million over a four-year period to fund the […]

Meet Shanell Yenchik: 2017 Dream Award Recipient

After her parents’ divorce, Shanell Yenchik found herself living on the Navajo reservation in northern Arizona with her grandmother and family. While the circumstances for the move were heartbreaking, the reservation became a wonderful refuge for Shanell and her two sisters. Playing with her siblings outdoors is among her fondest memories of the reservation. However, […]

Scholarship America Joins Minnesota Nonprofit Organizations Concerned About Federal Tax Bill

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, representing Minnesota’s nonprofit community, a sector that employs nearly 12 percent of Minnesota’s workforce and partners with millions, has called on nonprofits to speak up about the potential impact of proposed tax changes.  Scholarship America, located in Bloomington, MN, is the nation’s largest nonprofit private education support organization, having distributed […]

Never Forget Tribute Classic Returns to Prudential Center December 9, 2017

Following the success of the inaugural 2016 event, Prudential Center has announced that it will host the second annual Never Forget Tribute Classic on Saturday, December 9. The NCAA men’s basketball doubleheader will feature a pair of games between high-profile universities: The Florida Gators will take on the Cincinnati Bearcats and the hometown Seton Hall […]

Meet Jorge Morales: 2017 Dream Award Recipient

Inside Jorge Morales’s childhood home, rain would make the corrugated aluminum roof rattle with a thunderous pounding. The house itself was made of scraps of cardboard, wooden packing crates and tin. Jorge’s dad died when he was just five years old, and his mom worked three jobs to ensure her children could have a roof […]

Tuition Assistance: The “Secret” Benefit That Boosts Employee Retention

Late last year, Forbes magazine highlighted a great idea with a big problem. The magazine looked at companies’ use of employee tuition assistance programs: a win-win benefit that helps workers further their educations, helps employers retain qualified staff and comes with significant tax benefits. On paper, tuition assistance is the perfect benefit. So what’s the issue Forbes found? In […]

Yessenia is a Scholarship America Dream Award recipient

Meet Yessenia Cantero Hernandez: 2017 Dream Award Recipient

Growing up as a minority in small town, Yessenia Cantero Hernandez’s reputation preceded her—mostly for having a name that most people in her community had difficulty saying. The typical greeting was, “Oh, you’re Yessenia. You’re the name we can’t pronounce.” Born in Mexico City, Yessenia and her family moved to the United States when she […]

Scholarship America Now Accepting Applications for New Midwest Scholars Dream Award

Scholarship America®, the nation’s largest nonprofit scholarship and education support organization, is pleased to announce it is accepting applications for a new Midwest Scholars Dream Award through Sunday, October 15, 2017. “The Midwest Scholars Dream Award was created through a generous $2 million one-time gift from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous,” noted Robert […]

“Military Makeover” Highlights Unique Challenges for Veteran Students

Military Makeover is a special mini-series from the Lifetime Channel’s Designing Spaces team, dedicated to members of the military and their loved ones. The host, retired United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant R. Lee Ermey (aka “The Gunny”) enlists the help of home renovators, designers, landscapers and many others to improve the living situation of deserving military families. […]

Help College Students Affected by Natural Disasters Stay in School

Scholarship America’s National Disaster Relief Fund Depleted by Hurricane Harvey; Help Replenish Fund to Assist Students Impacted by Other Storms Scholarship America is calling for donations to replenish its National Disaster Relief Fund, which provides financial assistance to help college students experiencing disaster-related hardships stay in school. “Preliminary estimates from Moody’s Analytics report costs associated with […]