Three Standardized Tests You May Not Know

Update, August 2016: Before the school year starts, make sure you know about these standardized test options beyond the ACT and SAT! Read on to learn about the CLEP, TOEFL and ASVAB — and how they may be able to save students time and money. For college-bound students, applications include lots of different pieces: letters […]

You Can Boost FAFSA Completion In Your Community. Here’s How.

When it comes to paying for college, there’s nothing more important for students to do than complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form, filed annually, is the gateway to virtually all federal, state and institutional financial aid, and many private scholarship providers require it as well. Unfortunately, completion rates for the […]

Financial Aid Outside The Box

Here at the peak of summer, it’s hard to imagine that there’s only a couple of months before students return to school. But the new academic year is creeping up — and, when it starts, the students heading to college campuses will look a little different. Following the trends of the last decade, more of […]

Five Crucial Cost Calculators for Families

Update, July 2016: Whether you’re a high schooler, a college student or a parent, summer break is the perfect time to explore these college cost calculators. They can help you avoid sticker shock on everything from your Expected Family Contribution to your future loan repayments! There’s nothing easy about getting into college. As early as […]

Introducing 2016 Student Volunteer Award Winners

There’s no doubt about it: volunteering can change communities—and the individuals who do it—for the better. Student volunteering provides a pathway for building skills (or even future employment) while benefiting local citizens. And, as we’ve covered before, that service can lead to more scholarships for students.

Education Leaders, Supporters Help Turn Dreams Into Degrees

May represents an exciting month for students across the country. Years of exams and coursework culminate in celebration, as millions of new high school and college graduates don their caps and gowns. It’s an inspiring moment—not only for students, but for the family, friends, faculty, staff and mentors who helped them achieve the diploma, certificate […]

How Student Loan Repayment Benefits Everyone

For the last decade, the ongoing crisis in student loan debt has loomed over every aspect of higher education, from choice and enrollment to post-graduate payback. At times, the trillion-dollar mountain of debt has seemed insurmountable. But today, with increased commitment from both the public and private sectors, new strategies are emerging to take on […]

5 Things First-Generation Parents Should Know About College

Update, June 2016: As the school year comes to an end and summer kicks off, first-generation college students and their parents are facing an exciting, uncertain future in the fall. Here are a few things families should know about the transition when their child leaves for the first time. For parents of first-generation college students, […]

Here’s How Dreamkeepers Schools Are Making a Difference

Imagine this: You’re a parent with five kids, ranging from 16 years to 9 months old, and you’ve gone back to school full-time. Your spouse is attending the same college, and together, you’re trying to make sure your family is taken care of – all while completing an internship and maintaining good grades. While juggling […]

Meet the 2016-2017 Scholarship America Dream Award Recipients

Too often, student scholarship support dries up after freshman year. Scholarship America’s Dream Award is a renewable scholarship fund for students in their sophomore year and beyond — with growing, renewable awards that help ensure talented students can afford to complete the degree programs they’ve started. We are thrilled to announce the eight recipients of […]