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Scholarship Statistics that Show a Direct Impact on the Global Workforce

Receiving a scholarship makes a big impact on a student, and awarding a scholarship makes a big impact on the sponsor — helping young people get closer to a degree is one of the most satisfying gifts you can give. But did you know: that scholarship has a direct, real impact on the worldwide workforce?

How to Start a Memorial Scholarship Fund

When someone holds a special place in your heart, makes a big impact in your life or changes the community for good, it’s fitting to honor their contributions with a memorial scholarship. This is especially true for those who seek to memorialize individuals through a scholarship program. Education is the gift that lasts a lifetime, […]

Five Questions You Need to Answer Before Setting Up a Scholarship Fund

For organizations of all sizes, starting a scholarship or tuition assistance program may seem like a no-brainer. Scholarships allow you to support your workforce, their families or your community; they help ensure higher education and a future with more skilled workers; and they are a compelling benefit that helps you recruit, retain and delight your […]

Why Scholarships Matter: Helping Communities and Families

The only constant in the world of higher-education financing is change. In the early 2000s, college students — especially those at public universities — could rely on generous state and institutional aid to keep their out-of-pocket costs low. As that state aid faced cuts in the last decades, scholarships and grants became the single biggest […]

Why Companies Are Paying Employee Student Loans

At more than $1.2 trillion, national student loan debt is second only to mortgage debt. Increases in college cost, coupled with states’ disinvestment in higher education, have made student loans a massive burden on graduates. These debts weigh especially heavy on Millennials, impeding their financial ability to buy homes, pursue advanced degrees, contribute to their […]