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Promoting Your Company’s Education Assistance Program to Employees

Does your organization offer an education assistance program — a scholarship or tuition assistance program, for employees or employees’ children? It’s a terrific benefit, but one aspect is often overlooked: making sure your employees know about it. 

In many cases, employers tell employees about an education assistance program when they’re recruited or hired, but don’t make it top-of-mind when it becomes relevant to an employee’s situation. If you are offering an education assistance program, it’s important to make sure your employees know about it when they need it most.

Here’s how your organization can promote your scholarship or tuition assistance program(s) to employees – and ensure they take advantage of this valuable benefit.

Use your company Intranet and newsletter.

  • Place an informative article highlighting the program, or a “question/answer” piece which addresses commonly asked questions about the scholarship or tuition assistance program
  • Post electronic application and program criteria on your intranet
  • Display photos and information about prior scholarship recipients or tuition assistance program participants, highlighting the impact of the program
  • Place an informative description of the program in the company handbook for new employees

Want to start or manage your education assistance program? Learn more here.

Send mass mailings informing employees of their educational assistance options.

  • Distribute brochures to eligible employees, and encourage all staff to spread the word
  • Mail or email employees announcing key dates and reminders with links to program materials

Capitalize on company meetings.

  • Remind key employees/supervisors about education assistance programs at management and other company meetings
  • Have a scholarship recipient or tuition assistance program participant speak, or send a letter to be read at a company meeting about how they benefited from the program
  • Host an awards recognition program or luncheon banquet for recipients/participants and their families

Display information in company lunchrooms, entrance areas or other common areas.

  • Display informative posters about the program — feature names and photographs of program recipients
  • Place table tents on tables in break areas.

The more people know about a program the more successful it will be. If your program isn’t meeting your goals — or if you have additional ideas to promote a program — contact us. Scholarship America’s experienced program experts are happy to ensure you’ve got a custom marketing and communications strategy that speaks to your employees.

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