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Here’s why Julie supports students.

By Matt Konrad

Each year thousands of individuals, families, foundations and corporations provide the financial resources needed in order for students to achieve their dreams. Scholarship America’s mission to make higher education possible for all students continues to resonate with donors from coast to coast. Just recently we had the opportunity to visit with Julie from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who has been an incredibly loyal donor.  Her story is similar to many of ours, and she shares the following:

There are not many charities which focus solely on higher education. Most of the time you find education as one pillar of a mission, not the only pillar. The fact of the matter is, education needs to be the sturdiest pillar of all because your success in education is directly related to all of the other causes out there needing money – provide students what they need to be successful in school and perhaps we will see a decline in all of the rest.

When asked about what the mission of Scholarship America means to her, Julie responded:

My family was able to provide me with the support and resources needed to be successful. In knowing what I know now, Scholarship America serves as that support and resource to students who don’t have the family support needed to give them what they deserve. It is not their fault, but it is our responsibility to unify and provide opportunities. 

And in closing, Julie offered the following thoughts and lessons to the students for whom she hopes are impacted by her generosity:

Continue to set the bar high for yourself—you can dream about doing anything and find a way to achieve it.

You are who you are today because of all of those that supported you on the journey. Donors like me helped you receive the opportunity and you did the work but it is all a part of the journey. 

Be patient. 

For 60 years Scholarship America has been tireless in finding ways to ensure that all students have what they need to be successful. The financial support we give to students would not be possible without dedicated donors like Julie. Please consider your own story and the impact you wish to make on the lives of students. Email Ben Smith, Director of Development at to find out how to invest and make the dreams of students a reality.