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Featured Partner Scholarships: March 2022

By Matt Konrad

March Madness isn’t just for basketball—this month marks the busiest part of scholarship season, too! Our featured partner scholarships to kick off March include a new program for engineering students; nationwide opportunities for Black undergrads in marketing and supply-chain majors; a generous family-funded award for Pennsylvania students and a significant program for those in vocational and technical schools. Here are more details—and don’t forget, you can see all of our current scholarship openings on the Browse Scholarships page!

CDM Smith Scholarship

CDM Smith is celebrating a significant company and industry milestone in 2022—their 75th anniversary. Started as a partnership of three consultants in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1947, the company has grown to become a global team of over 5,000 professionals, driving an impactful $1.4 billion independent engineering and construction firm with a mission to make the world a more resilient place.

To support their ongoing purpose to make life better, the company has established the CDM Smith Scholarship Program. As part of the company’s 75th anniversary celebration, this new program is awarding $7,500 scholarships to engineering undergraduates who strive to be the best, brightest and boldest they can be.

To apply, you must be a high school graduate or current college undergrad, planning to enroll full-time in an eligible undergraduate program focusing on engineering at an accredited four-year college, university for the entire 2022-2023 academic year. You must also have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or its equivalent).

Applicants will be asked to explain how your current studies and future goals align with CDM Smith’s vision to “be the best, brightest, and boldest in our industry: client focused, employee centered, technically superior, independent, and strong.” In addition to the scholarship, recipients may be offered an internship opportunity with CDM Smith.

The CDM Smith Scholarship is open through April 18. Apply Now

Inspire Our Future Supply Chain Scholarship 
Inspire Our Future Commercial Scholarship 

The Colgate-Palmolive Company believes in “The Power of We,” striving to be a role model for global diversity, equity and inclusion. To further this commitment, the company has established two renewable scholarship programs for college students who identify as Black or African American: the Inspire Our Future Supply Chain Scholarship (for engineering and manufacturing majors) and the Inspire Our Future Commercial Scholarship (for sales and marketing majors). Both programs are open to current college freshmen, sophomores and juniors who have a 2.8 GPA or better on a 4.0 scale.  

The Inspire Our Future Supply Chain Scholarship is targeted to students who are majoring in engineering, manufacturing and supply chain-related fields. After several years of encouraging growth, the percentage of STEM degrees earned by Black students dropped over the last four years, and the Inspire Our Future Supply Chain Scholarship aims to help reverse that trend. The program is awarding $10,000 scholarships — and, what’s more, the award can be renewed for up to two more years or until a bachelor’s degree is earned, whichever comes first.  

To be eligible, applicants must be current sophomores or juniors who plan to attend an accredited four-year college or university in the U.S. next year. You must self-identify as Black or African American, and be pursuing a major in engineering, manufacturing or another supply chain-related field. Preference will be given to students at schools listed here; however, attending one of these schools is not a requirement to earn the scholarship.  

The Inspire Our Future Supply Chain Scholarship is open through March 21. Apply Now 

The Inspire Our Future Commercial Scholarship is also open to Black and African American college students who plan on full-time enrollment next year. The program is meant for those majoring in sales or marketing, and also provides $10,000 awards that can be renewed for up to two years or until you earn your bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first. 

Application requirements are identical to those listed above; however, there is no preference for students at any specific schools. As long as you self-identify as Black or African American and plan to major in sales or marketing next year, you’re invited to apply! 

The Inspire Our Future Commercial Scholarship is open through March 21. Apply Now 

Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship 

Technical skills are a vital part of a robust American economy; to help ensure the next generation of skilled workers, Lockheed Martin is proud to sponsor the Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship Program, now in its second year of awarding up to $750,000 in scholarships to students pursuing associate degrees or vocational-technical certifications. 

The Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship has helped students like Brian, a U.S. Army veteran who’s now on a mission to continue his education in computer science. “I applied to Lockheed Martin’s vocational scholarship with no expectation of receiving it,” said Brian. “The scholarship allowed me to finish my degree within my expected timeline rather than having to take a break from school to find work when the COVID-19 pandemic happened.” 

Up to 150 awards are available, for a maximum of $5,000 each. Scholarships will be awarded to students in a wide variety of eligible fields; see the Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship website for detailed fields of study. 

To apply, students must be a high school graduate (or GED equivalent), a high school senior graduating in 2021, or a current undergraduate student with less than a bachelor’s degree. Applicants must beU.S. citizens, and be enrolled or planning to enroll part-time or full-time in one of the specified fields of study at an accredited vocational technical school, trade school, two-year community or state college. Finally, applicants must be pursuing an associate degree, credit-bearing certificate, or industry certification in one of the specified fields of study

With the Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship, the path to a skilled, fulfilling career can be even more affordable than you think! 

The Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship is open through April 1. Apply Now

Lola G. Duff and William H. Duff, II Scholarship

High school seniors and graduates from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, can earn renewable scholarships up to $15,000 per academic year from the Lola G. Duff and William H. Duff, II Scholarship Program, open now for applications.  

To apply, you must have attended at least two academic years, and graduated from, a high school or home school in Allegheny County, and plan to enroll in full-time undergraduate study next academic year at an accredited four-year college or university. You must be pursuing an initial bachelor’s degree; finally, you’ll have to get an online recommendation and submit a letter from a clergyperson verifying that you are of the Protestant faith. 

Two different types of awards are available through this program: financial need-based awards (which consider your family’s expected financial contribution to your education) and merit-based awards (which consider only your academic achievement). You can receive both types of awards in the same year, but you will have to fill out separate applications for each. All of the requirements listed above apply to both types of awards, and there’s a slight difference in GPA requirement: need-based applicants require a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 and merit-based applicants a minimum of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. 

For students who demonstrate financial need, award amounts will range from $4,000 to $15,000. For merit-based applicants, award amounts are $6,000/year at public schools or $12,000/year at private schools. Both types of awards can be renewed for up to three additional years or until a bachelor’s degree is completed, whichever comes first, provided you continue to meet eligibility requirements. 

If you’re from Allegheny County, PA, this is an excellent and unique opportunity for a generous award!

The Lola G. Duff and William H. Duff, II Scholarship is open through March 18. Apply Now