Scholarship America is a Four Star Charity on Charity Navigator

Scholarship America's Marketing Partnership Program

Scholarship America's Marketing Partnership program helps our most valuable and generous business partners meet their business objectives. A partnership with Scholarship America helps partners solidify their brand-building efforts and corporate citizenship activities, while reaching a broader audience to drive sales and online traffic through specific activation efforts.

We are currently seeking sponsors for our second annual Dreams to Degrees education dinner, spotlighting the importance of postsecondary success for all students. The spring 2016 in Washington, D.C. will honor those who have made a significant impact on helping students complete their college education. For more information, visit the event website or contact Marian Marchese at 215-459-6085.

Partnering with a top, national, non-profit brand focused on one of today's hottest topics can be a win-win proposition for many brands, companies and celebrities.

Scholarship America is consistently recommended by charity ranking organizations and news media for our fiscal responsibility and stewardship, including Charity Navigator, CharityWatch and the Charities Review Council, and publications ranging from Forbes to Consumers Digest and the Nonprofit Times.

Scholarship America offers three levels of partnership: Mission Partners, Awareness Partners and Cause Marketing Partners. At each level, partners will have the ability to highlight their promotions, products and socially responsible initiatives by tapping into the very compelling issue of college affordability, the broad national and local reach of upwardly mobile consumers, and the powerful reputation of Scholarship America and its programs.


  • A central message platform to build relevance and authenticity targeted toward a company-defined audience
  • Partner positioning and visibility to Scholarship America constituents, including 500,000 college-bound students and parents
  • National and local outreach through a community-based network of more than 40,000 volunteers highly committed to education
  • Turn-key fundraising and promotional rights for a marks and logo use of a consistently rated four-star national charity with a 50 year successful track record of helping students achieve their educational dreams
  • Access to, and networking with, Scholarship America constituents
  • High-caliber servicing and documentation to illustrate the value, reach and results of the partnership.

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The Dream Award

Dream Award Scholarship America’s Dream Award is a renewable scholarship fund targeted toward completion. These annually-increasing awards will be given to students selected from across the nation who are entering their second year of education beyond high school.

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