2012 Dr. Irving Fradkin National Chapter of the Year

Oldham County Dollars for Scholars, Kentucky

Congratulations to Kentucky's Oldham County Dollars for Scholars, winner of the 2012 Dr. Irving Fradkin National Chapter of the Year Award! In addition to its regional prize money, the chapter received an additional $2,000 to award to students, and will be honored at Scholarship America's Annual Meeting in October.

More about the chapter, from their award nomination:

"Our general mission is to provide scholarships to high school graduates who reside in Oldham County that will help them achieve their educational goals. As more community members learn about the chapter and volunteer to assist us, we find that 'providing scholarships' is a multifaceted mission. We've begun to not only to provide scholarships but also to encourage students to pursue their post-secondary educational dreams ... we've also recently implemented an internship program that allows our business sponsors to contact previous Oldham County DFS scholarship recipients with internship opportunities, hoping to create success stories for our students. We also realize that it's important for our community to encourage its students to return to their community upon graduation from college, and helping businesses to connect with these student leaders is a valuable service to our community."

2012 H. Stuart and Marlys C. Johnson
National New Chapter of the Year

Tri-West Dollars for Scholars, Indiana

In addition, we congratulate Indiana's Tri-West Dollars for Scholars, winner of the 2012 H. Stuart and Marlys C. Johnson National New Chapter of the Year Award! The chapter received an additional $2,000 to award to students, and will also be honored at Scholarship America's Annual Meeting in October.

More about the chapter, from their award nomination:

"We are fully committed to aiding the students of the Tri-West community. Our goal is to provide students with a means of additional funding to be used for their further education. We consider this an investment in the youth of our three small towns, and we are the support and organizing backbone for the fundraising of scholarships in the community. ... Through our many efforts to publicize our mission, community members are becoming very aware of our Tri-West Dollars for Scholars chapter and its function. Ours is a small, tightly knit community; the news of the creation and distribution of 17 new Dollars for Scholars scholarships spread quickly through our community with pride and excitement. As this is only our second year of formation, we are actively considering many procedures that could better our chapter including an impact measurement assessment."

2012 Regional Chapters of the Year

In addition to the National Chapters of the Year, these regional winners were all honored based on the award criteria; each one received a monetary award from their region, plus a recognition plaque from the national office. After you've read the highlights from their nominations, check out the Volunteers of the Year for more inspiring stories!

Gananda Dollars for Scholars, New York

"Gananda Dollars for Scholars (GDFS) is a community-based, nonprofit organization that raises scholarship funds for qualified Gananda graduates. These scholarships help to further the education of students who have a strong work ethic and make contributions to the community. GDFS is supported by local individuals, organizations and businesses and is a part of Scholarship America.

GDFS and associated committees seek to acknowledge confident, caring and successful youth by rewarding their past achievements and encouraging high educational goals for the future. In brief, "Rewarding Achievement, Supporting Potential" is what our chapter is all about."

Latino Dollars for Scholars of Rhode Island, Northeast

"Our mission is to expand higher education for Latino students living in Rhode Island by involving and assisting the private sector in the support of these students. LADO also provides encouragement for higher levels of achievement among Latino students. Our goals are to increase Latino representation at the post secondary level and to provide the community with academic and professional role models."

North High Dollars for Scholars, Iowa

"The mission of North High Dollars for Scholars is straightforward and simply put: to honor worthy North High students by granting them scholarships to help with their ongoing education. North High serves a very diverse, multicultural, low-income population; young people received a record $51,000 from North High Dollars for Scholars for the 2011 collegiate year."

Oasis of Hope Dollars for Scholars, Indiana

"The mission of the Oasis of Hope Dollars for Scholars is to promote educational excellence through activities and programs that prepare and encourage individuals and families to pursue post secondary education in order to enhance the quality of lives, and to strengthen the communities in which we live. Oasis of Hope Dollars for Scholars has been one of the pioneers of providing scholarships for under-served students, living in under-served neighborhoods. "

San Juan Island Dollars for Scholars, Washington

"Our mission is to help students achieve their educational goals by raising scholarship funds, establishing endowments and providing assistance with college readiness and the financial aid process. San Juan Island is primarily a vacation and retirement community. Employment falls into either the service industry or construction. As such, most students rely heavily on scholarship or financial aid to continue their education past high school, [and] both Friday Harbor High School (public) and Spring Street International School (private) have a high percentage of students continuing on to college/university."

Torrey Pines High School Dollars for Scholars, California

"Our mission is to recognize Torrey Pines High School (TPHS) seniors for their achievement and future promise. Since 1987 we have raised approximately $750,000 for senior scholarships and last year we gave 60 scholarships to 60 amazing seniors. The impact on the lives we have touched through our program has grown exponentially to a point where many of our memorial scholarships have grown to become large fully funded scholarships that will serve students for decades to come. Families continue to support these scholarships because of the meaningful way a previous scholarship touched their lives and the life of their student."

The Dream Award

Dream Award Scholarship America’s Dream Award is a renewable scholarship fund targeted toward completion. These annually-increasing awards will be given to students selected from across the nation who are entering their second year of education beyond high school.

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