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Advocacy Taking a Strong Stand for Students Everywhere.


A solid education sets a student up for future success. But the journey is getting more difficult by the day. College prices are skyrocketing. Income inequality is growing. And students are making hard decisions with massive debt staring them right in the face. That’s why we advocate for students and empower them to advocate for themselves.

Principle #1: Address Student Debt on the Front End

We work to ensure students incur less debt while pursuing their college education. We engage in ways and support programs that help strengthen financial support for students.

Principle #2: Increase Equity

The American Dream begins with believing it is for everyone. Not just the 4.0 students. Or those of a certain ethnicity. Or economic background. Or situation in life. That’s why we’re advocating for fair and equal equity, across the board.

Principle #3: Ensure Students Get the Full Benefit of their Aid

We want students to get the full benefit of private scholarships. The full cost of college can include housing, food, transportation, and more. We want to broaden the understanding of educational expenses so students can apply aid packages more meaningfully. In addition, we advocate for an end to the practice of scholarship displacement, because we believe students who earn scholarships deserve the full value of their awards.


Ways for Students to Advocate

“I want to be an inspiration for someone who thinks it is impossible for them to achieve their dreams.”
Marcos Navarro-Garcia, Dream Award Scholar

Student loan debt is skyrocketing. So are college costs. We’re here to help.

$1.5T of college debt in America
44.7M Americans with student loan debt
50% of students face financial barriers to achieving their college goals