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Agriculture Career of the Month:
Human Resources Management

ADMEvery day, the 30,000 people of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) turn crops into renewable products that meet the demands of a growing world. And every month, ADM is proud to provide a glimpse into the wide variety of careers that a college education can prepare you for in the agricultural field.

This month, we take a look at the career path for a Human Resources Manager, starting in ADM's Human Resources Management Development Program (HRMDP).

What's the Job Description?
Thanks to the diverse range of Human Resources functions within ADM, your career path starts in the Human Resources Management Development Program, or HRMDP. Over a three-year period, HRDMP participants work on a rotational program of at least three assignments within Human Resources, getting an up-close perspective on various functions and preparing for a move into a Human Resources Management position. As one current participant tells us, "The HRMDP is designed to prepare you for a dynamic career within HR, and [to] provide you with an abundance of opportunities for learning and growth. You are able to develop the business and leadership skills you need in order to be successful."

How Much Can I Make?
The approximate starting salary for a job like this is a minimum of $50,000.

What's the Career Path Like?
Over the course of your three-year rotation, HRMDP functions may include experiences in Employee Compensation, Labor Relations, Talent Acquisition, Compliance & Ethics and a variety of other rotations, including an HR Generalist rotation in at least one field location, and one international rotation.

The current program participant we spoke to has worked in Generalist roles at two different ADM corn plants, and is currently working at ADM headquarters in the Global Compensation department. She tells us: "As a generalist, I had the opportunity to learn what it takes to support a facility in all aspects of HR, and to earn the trust of the colleagues I supported. I was able to see how decisions made at the corporate level translated into action as I helped guide implementation processes.

"In my current role, not only do I get to build depth around the area of compensation, I am also exposed to overall strategy and [the] decision-making process. Every day, I see how profitable long-term growth is set and executed.

"Through my participation in this program, I have been able to sharpen my skills, understand the different aspects of ADM's business, and gain exposure to a wide range of HR functions. At ADM, I am able to make a significant impact early on in my career."

And that impact is just getting started with your HRMDP participation—after you've successfully completed the program, you'll move into an impactful Human Resources position within ADM.

What Are the Job Requirements?
All candidates for HRMDP positions should have an undergraduate degree in Human Resources, Labor Relations or a related program.

In addition, ADM is looking for dynamic, distinguished and high-potential candidates with strong analytical skills and intellectual curiosity; the ability to collaborate with, manage and motivate colleagues; exceptional communication skills; leadership abilities and, thanks to the variety of national and international opportunities, geographic mobility.

Find out more about working at ADM.

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