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Scholarship America Solutions

Scholarship America helps students complete their educational goals by partnering with others to design and deliver the best private scholarship and education support programs for students. We do this in three ways.

Design & Manage Custom Education Assistance Programs

We design and manage custom education assistance programs for businesses, foundations, organizations and philanthropists by offering expert consultation and program design; and managing, promoting and delivering scholarship programs, emergency aid programs, and employee-benefit programs.

Deliver Financial and Other Supports to Students in Need

We deliver financial and other supports to students in need to fill gaps and promote degree completion through collaborative partnerships that support students in multiple ways, and through Scholarship America’s Dollars for Scholars, Dream Award, Families of Freedom and Dreamkeepers programs.

Engage Stakeholders & Influence Policies

We engage stakeholders in helping students by influencing policies to address the broader goal of making higher education more accessible and affordable for all. Scholarship America serves as the voice of the private sector in the higher education financing arena to inform public policy decisions and research initiatives, conducts research initiatives to provide insight into the most effective student support strategies, and amplifies issues through advocacy campaigns that positively impact students and policies that affect students.