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Scholarship America 2016 Annual Report

Education makes lives better.

Focused squarely on this belief and with students at the heart of all we do, Scholarship America continued in its core mission to mobilize America through scholarships and other educational support to make postsecondary success possible for all.

In 2016, we distributed $225 million in scholarships and educational assistance, bringing our totals to more than $3.7 billion distributed to over 2.3 million students since 1958. Today, with skyrocketing college costs and national student debt exceeding $1.2 trillion, our work matters more than ever.

Visit our 2016 Annual Report to read highlights of the year, or view our 2016 financial audit.

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*Note: Due to a shift in our fiscal calendar in 2013, the FY2013 Bridge Year Report covers July 1 – December 31, 2013.