2011 Cy Seifert National Volunteer of the Year

Danuta Lysy, CSF of Westfield (MA) Dollars for Scholars

Congratulations to Danuta Lysy, winner of the 2011 Cy Seifert National Volunteer of the Year Award! Lysy, who was named the regional Volunteer of the Year in New England, received an additional monetary award as well as travel expenses to Scholarship America's 50th Anniversary Board of Trustees Meeting, where representatives were presented with their award at our 50th Anniversary dinner.

As her nomination stated: "Ms. Lysy has been the heart and soul of CSF of Westfield since 1996. Regardless of the office she may hold each year, everyone on the board depends on her for leadership, wisdom and expertise. She leads by example as she completes one task after another. Examples of her work include researching the scholarship documentation, resurrecting the Investment Committee; participating on the Selection Committee and spearheading the planning and preparation for the Awards Night."

2011 Regional Volunteers of the Year

In addition to the national volunteer of the year, these regional winners all received a monetary award from their region, plus a recognition plaque from the national office. After you've read the highlights from their nominations, check out the Chapters and New Chapters of the Year; you can also learn more about the award criteria or nominate a volunteer through January 31!

2011 Iowa Dollars for Scholars Volunteer of the Year:
Barbara Nichols, Twin Cedars Dollars for Scholars

"Ms Nichols has been a member of the organization for 22 years. In that time she has held numerous offices, including Secretary, President and is currently Treasurer. In addition to holding offices, she has been an inspirational leaders in fund raising activities, including our Alumni Banquets, our 4th of July Barbeque, and has been responsible for our annual campaign to area businesses."

2011 National Region Dollars for Scholars Volunteer of the Year:
Dr. Raul Bejarano, Sunnyside School District Alumni Association

"Dr. Bejarano advocated for the establishment of the Sunnyside School District Alumni Association which a Dollars for Scholars chapter in 2005. He has been a member of the chapter board since its inception, and is currently serving his second one-year term as president. Dr. Bejarano also continues to serve on the Scholarship Selection Committee, and he has been personally responsible for encouraging other individuals and businesses to sponsor scholarships."

2011 Indiana Dollars for Scholars Volunteer of the Year:
Shirley Alexander, Oasis of Hope Dollars for Scholars

"Ms Alexander, as a board member and Academic Support Chairperson, has been instrumental in developing a scholarship preparation and writing workshop to assist students in reviewing scholarship applications, learning traits of good writing and becoming familiar with the writing expectations for other scholarships. In addition, she has annually conducted 5-day ScholarShop and ParentShop Workshop stressing the importance that each student and parent begin to plan and prepare for post high school possibilities."

2011 Northwest Dollars for Scholars Volunteer of the Year:
Harriet Fix Balmer, Bethel Education Scholarship Team

"Ms Balmer is the founder of the chapter and except for a couple of years, has led the group the entire time. She has been the inspiration, the cheerleader and work horse of this successful group. She has also been a mentor and can be counted on to speak and inspire other area chapters, forming a long and valuable partnership between other area chapters and BEST. In addition, she has inspired many to contribute to scholarships, including her own family, who created a scholarship in the memory of her mother, a long-time Bethel High School teacher."

2011 New York Dollars for Scholars Volunteer of the Year:
Barry Klipsch, Vestal Dollars for Scholars

"Mr Klipsch joined the organization soon after the chapter was established and has been the President for more then fifteen years. During his presidency, the number of students receiving awards has increased tremendously as has the total amount of money awarded. He has been directly responsible for this amazing growth through his tireless efforts fund raising, including our phonathon, golf tournament, holiday wreath sale, and hotdog/burger roasts. It is no exaggeration to state that much of the success of our chapter is due to his warm and positive personality."

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