Scholarship America's Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer Award

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for the Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer Award, you must live in a community with a Dollars for Scholars affiliate and receive a recommendation from an affiliate representative. (Find yours by creating a profile or visiting our affiliate search.)

In addition, you must be enrolled in or planning to enroll full-time at an accredited two- or four-year college, university, or vocational-technical school. Adult students entering or resuming a postsecondary program of study are eligible, and past recipients of the award are eligible to apply again.

Selection Criteria

The main criterion for the award is your level of volunteer service over the past four years. Hours volunteered with your local Dollars for Scholars affiliate will earn more points, but all eligible volunteer service hours are taken into account.

In addition, our selection committee will evaluate your academic achievement, work experience, school activities and a statement of your academic goals. Last year, 20 scholarships were awarded in communities across the nation!

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Meet The 2014-15 Winners!

Scholarship America is pleased to honor an amazing group of 20 Student Volunteer Award winners, and to introduce the National Student Volunteer of the Year!

Click here to meet the National Student Volunteer of the Year: Helen Montie of Bedford, Massachusetts. Helen is a leukemia survivor who has spent countless hours volunteering for cancer-research charities and plans to attend medical school.

Click here to meet the 20 recipients of $1,000 Student Volunteer Awards: Haley Davidson; Dylan Doupe; Ethan Dwyer; Alys Ferragamo; Alicia Frazier; Paula Garcia; Savannah Gatewood; Benjamin Golden; Kelandra Hurd; Mikaela Hurd; Mitchell Lee; Holden Maiorana; Kathryn McAleer; Katelyn Michaels; Abbilyn Primus; Derik Rodgers; Aubrey Scott; Jacob Steinbeck; and Keilyn Wargo.

About The Award

Scholarship America's Dollars for Scholars communities work every day on a local, grassroots level to help their students get a college degree.

Student volunteers are an invaluable resource in those communities, and the Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer Award (SVA) is Scholarship America's way of honoring them. SVA recipients across the nation receive $1,000 scholarships, with one national winner able to renew the award for up to three years for a total scholarship worth $4,000 ($1,000 x 4 years). These awards are funded by Scholarship America -- including funds raised by our employees.