Scholarship America Designates $270,000 in Financial Aid to Union University Tornado Victims

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18 Mar 2008
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Post-disaster financial aid for Pell-grant eligible students who lost their dorms and possessions assures them that they can keep their opportunity for a college education

When the tornado struck Union University on February 5, some students had every right to worry that they could lose their chance at a college education along with their dormitories and possessions.

With grant dollars from Lumina Foundation for Education, Scholarship America has set up a $270,000 emergency financial aid fund for students with financial need to help them stay in school and continue toward their goal of completing their college education. The program is available to students who currently meet eligibility requirements for federal Pell Grants (for more information on Pell Grant eligibility see Students and families seeking assistance may contact Union University’s Office of Student Financial Planning.

“We’ve seen it in Louisiana and Mississippi after the hurricanes – kids and families already struggling to pay for a college education risk dropping out altogether when a natural disaster strikes their school or their family,” said Dr. Clifford Stanley, president and CEO of Scholarship America, the country’s largest scholarship organization. “Thankfully, we’ve been able to work with foundations that have the means and foresight to help students keep their dreams alive.”

"The last month has been a trying time for our university, but we are blessed by help we’ve received from so many around the country," Union University President David S. Dockery said. "The aid from Scholarship America and Lumina will help hundreds of our students continue their education, and for that we are deeply grateful."

Scholarship America has managed scholarship and financial aid funds to help students maintain their post-secondary educations in the wake of major disasters, including the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

“The tornados that struck Union University once again highlight the need for an ongoing financial aid fund to assist students in the wake of disasters,” Stanley said. “Disaster Relief Financial Aid is a nationwide concern. Scholarship America is working with partners like USA Funds and Lumina to develop an ongoing fund to prepare for future disasters.”

Janine Fugate, Scholarship America

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