Scholarship America's Mortarboard Society

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Donald C. Anderson*
William G. and Pamela G. Bailey
Larry W. and Kathryn P. Berkbigler
Shirli M. Billings
Bertha M. Boyum
Bruce R. and Anne Braciszewski
Lloyd L.* and Lois M. Brandt
Mark and Carolyn Brown
Ruth Celle*
Hope A. Cook
Paul A. Dumdei
Donald D. Elg
Lorraine Elg
Rick and Joan Ernst
Irving A. and Charlotte Fradkin
Barbara T. Graver*
Joan M. Gray
Harold J. and Agatha L. Hebl
Carolyn L. and Cyril K. Heile
Peter J. Hengel*
Helmar and Marsha Herman
Joseph M. Hinchey, Esq.*
Neal H. and Linda K. Hooberman
Leslie S. Hubbard*
Frank J. and Kathleen S. Huszar
Frederick Hutchinson and and Ruth Bishop
Ken G. Jacobsen
C.A. Gus Johnson II, Esq.*
H. Stuart and Marlys C. Johnson*
Norma Johnson*
Gordon and Dorothy A. Kopischke
Barbara M. Kuzdzol
Lois M. Larson*
Patricia and Edward M. Lee, Esq.*

June Lees*
Roger C. Lienhardt*
Gregory J. Macri
Archie* and Frieda Malcomson*
Kay M. Marquet
Phyllis McGrath and Patrick Sheehan
Marquita S.* and Cecil McLean*
Nancy R. C. Mead
Betty Millward
Howard A.* and Polly Moreen
Frank E.* and Betty Jo Morin*
Kenneth R. and Sue Murray
William C. and Margaret Nelsen
Michael O’Callaghan*
Jan E. and Yvonne Petersen
Steve and Joan Putnam
David Rivera
Peni W. Roberts
Joseph and Marianna Roiger
Nick and Karen Schmit
Richard Schwab and Katherine Burford
Ralph H. and Sandra Seifert
Brian J. Smith
Donald Smith and H. Smith
Stephen B. and Mary Smith
Gertrude M.* and William R. Spaulding*
Curtis V. and Carol M. Trygstad
Nancy J. Van Deman-Abernethy*
Fredrick P. and Nancy Vogel
Barbara A. Vogelsang
Dexter H. Witherell*
Marion P. Woyvodich

We help more students graduate with less debt.

Scholarship America is focused on the finish line: degree or certificate completion, not just access.

Too many students are dropping out of college, swimming in debt, leaving this nation in a crisis of too few people prepared to fill the jobs of the future. We have an ambitious goal to help 750,000 students complete their education by 2025 with a manageable level of debt.

But we can't do it without your help. Please make your gift today -- the graduates of tomorrow thank you.

Lauren Segal, President and CEO, Scholarship America

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