About Dreamkeepers

Scholarship America® Dreamkeepers® is designed to help students stay in college when faced with an unforeseen financial emergency. Through Dreamkeepers, students receive both financial assistance to get them through their emergency, as well as access to additional resources and student services--such as access to a financial literacy resource web portal that was designed to help them build their long-term money management skills. These resources and tools help students reach their educational goals, ultimately helping to secure a better future for themselves and their families. Generous funding for expanding the program has been provided by the Kresge Foundation, Lumina Foundation, the Walmart Foundation and the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation.

Scholarship America's national Dreamkeepers team trains participating Dreamkeepers colleges to implement and administer the program. Implementation guidelines, materials and online tools are available to streamline set-up and administration, while allowing significant customizations to meet the unique circumstances of each college. These tools include an online application and review system that makes it easy for students to apply to the program and for colleges to process applications quickly. In addition, participating colleges can access the Dreamkeepers Network portal for training and information sharing as well as for assistance building their capacity to raise funds to sustain the program. Ongoing strategic and tactical support is provided by Scholarship America to the national network of Dreamkeepers colleges.

The Dream Award

Dream Award Scholarship America’s Dream Award is a renewable scholarship fund targeted toward completion. These annually-increasing awards will be given to students selected from across the nation who are entering their second year of education beyond high school.

The Scholarship Coach

The Scholarship CoachScholarship America's blog, The Scholarship Coach, appears weekly at USNews.com, featuring expert advice on all kinds of scholarship issues. Here on the site, we feature a new highlight from the blog every week, and you can also download a free Scholarship Coach e-book!

Focus On The Finish Line

Scholarship America is dedicated to helping students get their degrees. Our 2013 Annual Report, Focus on the Finish Line, features statistics, stories, and student accounts of the importance of college completion.


Visit the online report to learn more and hear from our President, Lauren Segal.

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