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Scholarship America Dreamkeepers helps students stay in college when faced with an unforeseen financial emergency. Through Dreamkeepers, students receive financial assistance as well as mentoring and financial counseling.

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Scholarship America works with each Dreamkeepers college (see current list here) to develop a sustainable program. Each area (administration, communication and fundraising) plays an important role in developing and sustaining the program.

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If you are a student who is in need of Dreamkeepers, click "Learn More" to see if your college has a Dreamkeepers program; if so, contact your student services office. To meet some students who've benefited from Dreamkeepers, visit the News page.

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Dreamkeepers has proven to be a catalyst that keeps students enrolled in their college programs. In 2011-12, 95 percent of Dreamkeepers recipients were able to complete their current term.


Dreamkeepers has come a long way since its founding in 2005. It has grown into a national retention and capacity building program for participating colleges. Moreover, since 2006, participating colleges have seen outstanding results in the areas of student success and persistence. As the program continues to grow, more colleges and students will be better able to achieve academic success.

Dreamkeepers News

Scholarship America Dreamkeepers provides emergency financial assistance to students at community colleges across the country who are faced with unexpected financial crises. Check out our new video; you'll hear from Scholarship America and college administrators, and a few of the students who have been able to keep working toward their dreams thanks to Dreamkeepers.


If you're a current or potential Dreamkeepers school, a potential supporter or you just have questions about the program, we're here to help

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Small financial setbacks can create big obstacles for today's college students. A little help goes a long way. To support Scholarship America Dreamkeepers, click through and select it from the "Direct Your Donation" button.