2013 Ralph H. "Cy" Seifert Volunteer of the Year

Vivian Whitaker
Cloverdale Dollars for Scholars (Indiana)

Scholarship America President & CEO Lauren Segal, Vivian Whitaker, Scholarship America Board Chair Michael Ryan

Congratulations to Vivian Whitaker of Cloverdale Community Dollars for Scholars, winner of the 2013 Ralph H. "Cy" Seifert National Volunteer of the Year Award! Vivian was honored at Scholarship America's Annual Awards Dinner in October, and her chapter received a $3,000 scholarship to give out to local students.

As the former secondary school administrator and a dedicated education leader in her community, Vivian has played an essential role with her chapter. She is a highly respected member of the community, serving as the school district liaison, and as a Cloverdale Community Dollars for Scholars board member. She is a committed, compassionate, high-energy volunteer who firmly believes in the value and benefits of our work -- she's known around the community as a “walking billboard” for Dollars for Scholars!

Vivian has provided key leadership to the Cloverdale Community Dollars for Scholars board and high school counselors, as they transitioned into launching ChapterNet. She trained not only the DFS board on the implementation of the new software, but also led student workshops and personally guided many students as they created their online profiles and matched to available scholarships. In addition, she has been a voice of leadership and support throughout our network, attending Dollars for Scholars board meetings in neighboring communities to help them see the value of ChapterNet and the importance of being affiliated with Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars.

2013 Area Volunteers Of The Year

Shirley Kring
CSF of Bedford Dollars for Scholars

Northeast Area Volunteer of the Year

A past president and current board member of this nearly 50-year-old affiliate, Shirley was instrumental over the last two years in their adoption of ChapterNet and other affiliation requirements. Her careful, thoughtful approach to implementation made for a smooth transition; as a result of Shirley's award, the affiliate received a $1,000 scholarship for local students.

Dennis Lamport
Indianola Dollars for Scholars

North Central Area Volunteer of the Year

Denny has been involved with Iowa's Indianola Dollars for Scholars since the chapter started in 1998. As their current technology lead, he's at the forefront of ChapterNet implementation, and he shares his time and enthusiasm for our work every day. As his area's Volunteer of the Year, Denny earned a $1,000 scholarship for Indianola students.

Carol Lutgen
The Villages Dollars for Scholars

Southeast Area Volunteer of the Year

A one-time employee of Scholarship America, Carol founded The Villages Dollars for Scholars when she moved to Florida. As a volunteer, she continues to work tirelessly in support of our mission. Thanks to her work, her affiliate is consistently at the forefront of new program and fundraising initiatives; thanks to this award, they earn a $1,000 scholarship award.

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