2013 H. Stuart and Marlys C. Johnson
New Affiliate of the Year

Stamford Dollars for Scholars (Connecticut)

Scholarship America President & CEO Lauren Segal, Tony D'Amelio of Stamford Dollars for Scholars, Scholarship America Board Chair Michael Ryan

Congratulations to Stamford Dollars for Scholars, winner of the 2013 H. Stuart and Marlys C. Johnson New Affiliate of the Year Award! The chapter was honored at Scholarship America's Annual Awards Dinner in October, and received a $3,000 scholarship to give out to local students.

Established just two years ago in Stamford, Connecticut, the chapter has already done so much for its students and for the community at large. Stamford’s kick-off event in January 2012 featured none other than Tom Brokaw, propelling them to raise more than $200,000 in their first year, and awarding twelve students with $24,000.

Since then, Stamford Dollars for Scholars continues to show that it’s possible to have forward-thinking, engaged, and successful Dollars for Scholars affiliates serving urban communities and a diverse student population. In 2013, they increased the number of student awards to 20 with over half of those awards being renewable.

Working in tandem, the chapter's two co-presidents used their complementary skills to ensure that the organization would have both a strong start and a strong foundation upon which to build a legacy. With that goal in sight, they have built a diverse board, forged strong relationships with the 6 schools in the community, and engaged students and young people in their work.

2013 Area New Affiliates of the Year

NKCC Women in Business Dollars for Scholars

Central Area New Affiliate of the Year

A program of Illinois's Northern Kane County Chamber of Commerce, this affiliate recently reorganized; its board is made up of diverse talents who are committed to making a difference for students and maximizing impact as part of the Dollars for Scholars network. As an Area New Affiliate of the Year, they earned a $1,000 scholarship for their fund.

HANDY Scholars Program Dollars for Scholars

Southeast Area New Affiliate of the Year

This affiliate scholarship provider is a program of HANDY Scholars, a service organization that aims to help South Florida students in foster care complete their education, find jobs and develop lifelong skills. As the Southeast Area New Affiliate of the Year, HANDY Scholars received a $1,000 scholarship award.

The Dream Award

Dream Award Scholarship America’s Dream Award is a renewable scholarship fund targeted toward completion. These annually-increasing awards will be given to students selected from across the nation who are entering their second year of education beyond high school.

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