2012 Student Volunteer of the Year: Finnie Ng, Lincoln Heights (CA) Dollars for Scholars

We'd like to congratulate Finnie Ng, our 2012 Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer of the Year. She will receive a $2,000 scholarship for her first year of college, and will be honored along with our National Volunteer and Chapters of the Year at Scholarship America's annual fall meeting October 25th in Iowa.

Finnie recently graduated from Abraham Lincoln Senior High School in Los Angeles, CA. She is planning to pursue a career in Health and Medicine. In her 4 years of high school she has participated in 12 different community service activities, earning 26 offices and awards, and contributing over 4,000 hours of her time.

In her winning essay about her educational goals, she tells her story in her own words:

"Just before I entered high school, my grandma was feeling ill. She went to her doctor constantly but he neglected her pleas. He only prescribed her pain relievers and didn't give my grandma an extensive analysis. It wasn't [long] before my grandmother died. The whole experience changed my outlook on life and from then on I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field; I knew I wanted to put more effort towards my patients.

"I witnessed mediocre medical care at a young age and I look forward to changing that by becoming a pediatrician to connect children with a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The intimate relationships that I share with my patients will be about health and their general well-being. But before I can rely on my medical team, I have to first know how to rely on myself. By spending the next four years of my life at an out-of-state college, I will explore more of the world and learn about other people's traditions and cultures. I also plan to join study abroad programs that travel to Third World countries to learn about the social and economic issues that occur. I will use these interpersonal skills when I'm a pediatrician by knowing how to treat children with different backgrounds. I will be a prominent student by going out-of-state because I'll learn how to be independent and care for myself. I want to also study a foreign language so that I can treat most patients, without having to worry about a language barrier.

"After I complete my education, I plan to return to California. There's an especially high need for caring doctors in my community, and that is where I plan to design health education and outreach programs. Before I start my own firm, I plan to work with Public Health Trust, an organization located in California that directs settlement funds toward developing and supporting a range of health problems. Some of the major issues they address include countering tobacco industry marketing aimed at young adults, reducing lead contamination in candies, and medication access. I hope to gain experience in public health and leadership skills by working with this organization. I understand that cheap healthcare isn't available and can be an issue for those who face financial problems, so I look forward to starting a firm for low-income families. I want to serve the community where I grew up and become a role model for younger individuals and inspire them to also make a positive change in their community."

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