Paula: University of Texas-El Paso, Class of 2012

The walls of Paula Perale’s 8th grade social studies class at Eastwood Knolls International Middle School in El Paso are lined with posters touting the importance of working hard and going to college, a message Paula believes is essential. It’s also one she heard from her own teachers and coaches at a vital time in her life.

Middle school was difficult for Paula, but others saw in her an enormous potential, and encouraged Paula to do well in school so she could go to college.

Paula’s parents, who were forced to put college on hold when Paula was born, also stressed the importance of a college education.
But it was understood that they couldn’t fully cover the cost of tuition for Paula.

Receiving the AT&T/CWA/IBEW Academic Awards Program scholarship, managed by Scholarship Management Services, provided Paula with an enormous sense of relief.

"Your act of generosity has helped to make my pursuit of a degree that much easier," said Paula. "Due to your support I will be able to help inspire my students to achieve their dreams, just as you have helped me."