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Agriculture Career of the Month:
Freight Merchandiser

ADMEvery day, the 30,000 people of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) turn crops into renewable products that meet the demands of a growing world. And every month, ADM is proud to provide a glimpse into the wide variety of careers that a college education can prepare you for in the agricultural field.

This month, we take a look at Freight Merchandising -- a fast-paced career for business-minded grads.

What's the Job Description?
A freight merchandiser is responsible for buying and selling truck transportation on the spot market, as well as communicating this schedule back to third-party customers. Freight merchandisers are able to leverage ADM’s current freight spend and shipping network to provide low-cost transportation to our customers. Freight merchandisers spend most of their day negotiating rates over phone or email while planning current shipments with ADM’s carrier base. 

All freight merchandisers currently work in the corporate office in Decatur, Illinois. They build relationships with partner carriers through continuous communication and provide reliable freight to fill the carrier’s capacity needs. Freight merchandising allows individuals an opportunity to buy and sell freight on the spot market, build customer and vendor relations, as well as developing sales leads into steady customers. A freight merchandiser’s job is fast paced, requires the ability to multi-task, while maintaining attention to detail to ensure customer satisfaction. 

ADM's merchandisers are part of ADM’s Logistics department, and are critical tothe company’s success. They must be aware of the current market conditions and seasonal trends that are involved in the domestic truck transportation market. This information is communicated to the ADM Account Management team who uses the information to serve ADM’s current customer base as well as plan for pursuing additional business opportunities. 

How Much Can I Make?
ADM pays competitively based upon industry standards, the responsibilities of the job, as well as the candidates’ experience.

What's the Career Path Like?
ADM Logistics provides opportunities for full-time employment as well as internships. Freight merchandisers can advance their careers in a variety of ways, based upon their individual goals, talents and abilities. A former transportation intern, now a Commercial Manager at ADM, said that the position allowed for a chance to develop merchandising skills while being given the opportunity to contribute to the group’s profitability immediately. 

Another former freight merchandiser moved through ADM Logistics, into ADM’s ethanol group and is currently a commodity merchandiser for ADM Grain. The skills that are developed in merchandising freight are cross functional and allow the individual to provide instant impact on ADM’s operational efficiency and our bottom line. 

What Are the Job Requirements?
In addition to the qualifications mentioned previously, ideal candidates must be working toward or just completed a four-year degree in business or a business-related field. A transportation background or basic understanding of the domestic freight market is preferred.

Find out more about working at ADM.

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